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Electronics EngineerEnrolled as a first year student in the MSc of EE at Politecnico di Milano

MSc Student

MicrocontrollersBetween Hardware and Software

More than ten projects realized with Arduino microcontrollers and 3D printing

My experiencesBetween works and education

INAF collaboration


Skills from traditional languages such as C\C++ to numerical analysis with MATLAB

FPGA, Microcontrollers and Digital Electronics

Deeply interested in Digital Electronics and Microelectronics, between Software and Hardware


One of the most requested skill today in the work world, acting in advance for a problem, finding a lean and horizontal solution

Between hardware and software

Most of the electronic boards I work with, are made by my-self.
KiCad helps me for PCB design!

Specific Skills

All these skills has been achieved by me during the academical path, but also thanks to my own curiosity that led me to build many projects

  • OrCAD Capture, LTSpice, KiCad, Comsol
  • VHDL, Verilog
  • C/C++, Python, MATLAB
  • Embedded systems
  • FPGA - Artix-7
  • Microcontrollers - PIC18 and ATmega
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Professional job as programmer


Familiar programming languages


Bahcelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering


Electronics and other kind of projects

About Me

My Story

I am currently enrolled as a first-year student in the master’s degree of Electronics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and I regularly keep up with my studies. My great passion for Electronics, Computer Science and Physics has given me a brilliant background in terms of knowledge and abilities, leading me to realize different oriented-projects such as the 6502 IC - based Computer, Quadcopter drone, Mechanic humanoid arm and Cloud Chamber for particle detection.

My sporting Passion

Fin da bambino, oltre che a quella per la scienza e all'informatica nasce la passione per lo sport, che mi vede protagonista dal 2008 fino al 2019 come atleta, con buoni piazzamenti, nelle pedane di Scherma nazionali ed internazionali. Nel 2022 ho conseguito il diploma di istruttore di I livello.