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Cloud Chamber

Used Materials

  • x4 Peltier Cells
  • Arduino UNO
  • x6 Relays
  • x2 Power Supplies
  • X1 Touch Screen Display

Inside the Chamber

Below, there was a cooling mechanism with liquid water in continuous movement thanks to a pump. The environment was isolated by Plexiglas walls inside which isopropyl alcohol was condensed (monitored by a special sensor) which, descending on the black plate created a vapor that, if crossed by charged particles, caused ionization and showed the consequent trail of the particle.


Four Peltier cells were used for the project, each controlled by relays and temperature sensors. Above, to optimize thermal conductivity, on the floor layer they were covered with a very thin layer of aluminum.

To direct the path was also placed an electric field created with two plates. An alpha radiation source was mainly used for particle visualization. All monitoring data was displayed on a touch display from which graphs and trends could be viewed.

Final Result

Particle Paths are visible