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Cosmic Rays Detector

Used Materials

  • x2 Geiger Tubes
  • Arduino UNO
  • x1 LCD Display
  • 3D Printed case
  • Logic AND Gates

Inside the Detector

To insulate the walls, two lead shields were placed on the sides so that the particles could pass through only first in one tube and then in the other, at each detection therefore, through an AND logic gate installed in the circuit, it was possible to discriminate between environmental particles and cosmic rays coming from above.


INAF had supplied a prototype cosmic ray detector using two geiger tubes placed in parallel.

Through an Arduino UNO microcontroller, data were collected and plotted into different graphs by calculating average values in centi-becquerel to study different environments.

Final Result

Cosmic Rays are detected by a higher "beep" sound, however, in this video, the detector is not potitioned well and doesn't reveal real cosmic rays radiation.