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Humanoid Arm

Used Materials

  • 3D Printed Case
  • x8 servomotors
  • x1 Arduin MEGA
  • x1 TouchPad
  • x2 3.3V Li Batteries

Inside the Arm

For the movement of the hand and fingers are 6 small servomotors were used (1 for the wrist, 5 for the fingers) with torque 1,6kg/cm. The inner rib in Nayoln, which can be noted in the picture on the right, allows the 5 servomotors to pull or push individual fingers, thus making an opening or closing.

The movement of the elbow and shoulder is made possible by 2 other servomotors, this time with a torque of 20 kg/cm.


Motion commands have been given, such as you can see at the end of the video, through two simple Arduino boards One that only later will be replaced by a single card. The code is quite simple, it is in fact only a precise sequence of actions: shoulder rotation, elbow rotation, hand opening, hand closure, wrist rotation.

Final Result

Finally, on display also at the 2020 robotics competition in which my high school participated.